Creative Director - Branding Specialist

An intrinsically creative individual, built his foundation of design working in various sectors of the art world early on, complementing his core beliefs revolving around the arts and design.  In his early years, he was formally trained in fine arts, photography, video and audio editing, graphic design, and branding. Additionally, through creative design and dedication, myriad events were coordinated and executed under his direction.

Some of his clients include Tigertail Productions, Macy’s, Simone I. Smith, Gucci, Vince Camuto, The Commerce Casino, Variety Magazine, The Queen Mary, The Museum of Latin American Art, Amgen, NYX Cosmetics, and Feast Miami.  Heber’s role as creative director for his own firm includes conceptualizing corporate brands and logos, collateral materials, graphic video creations, and orchestrating events collaborating with some of the most talented creative stage and lighting professionals. In his later years of his profession, he started delving deeper in the world of Interior Design and Furniture design, working on various luxury projects in California and Florida. Traveling the world together, and admiring its’ beauty within, Heber Siqueiros and Peter Oleck created ØS Design Group to fuse their creative interests and talents and create an outlet where they could create beauty through design, while striving for the perfect concept for each of their clients.